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Philip Finlay Bryan B.Sc. (Hons) MA C.Q.S.W. FRSA

Welcome to my personal domain. I became involved with the Internet in 1996, putting up my first web site in 1998.  However my involvement with computers began in 1981 then national networking in 1985. A history of my computer experience may be found here. My main site since 2001 has been

AND domain freak that I am I now have -  Philip James Finlay Bryan email :

My Facebook page is here . My Youtube Channel Is here LinkedIn here

My current two projects are getting people to blog through / .org / WordPress, and

I am an admin of an associated Forum at just launched, at the moment is fellows only.

Blogging increases digital literacy and research has shown that this is a good thing. It is creative, you can create a network of like minded individuals regardless of geography. You learn stuff like basic hypertext transfer protocol (http://) The language / code that powers the web is html, and its not difficult. Everyone should have a blog.Get one here its free

The Forum I am an admin of is The RSA Fellows Forum. If you are not a Fellow you can join my Forum which is built on the phpBB engine. Its a lot of fun, make your voice heard. If you are an older citizen or support staff have a look. Its only a couple of weeks old.

Exciting Times!!

P.S. Just got Smart site and I upgraded and The Augmented is worth a look


I had 5 major projects on the go in 2011:

1. A briefing on Cyberculture. Looking at what is a cyberculture, using Second Life as an example. The web version including a PDF can be found at

2. (Let this go) Personal Domains is a project I have been working off and on for years. Its aim is to get everyone on the Internet an address. A Personal Domain.  Details can be found at

3. eCollege. I am using this as a resource for training in web authoring. I enrolled in a MOOC (#edcmooc)  E-Learning and Digital Cultures, a five week course. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I received a certificate of completion.  I have since registered for 3 more MOOCs see : for details

4. Ravens Kiss has been my video production company for a few years now. I am using it to showcase the videos that I think are good:

5. (Let this go)Avatar Creations. We, my partner and I, found a niche market to for those needing a professional looking avatar. This may be for teaching or business purposes. Avatar 

My CV is at the end. you can email :

I am a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts link here

A list of all the sites I operate (46) may be found here. If no other is visited I recommend authored by Roman Krznaric under the auspices of The RSA.

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